Sick of Fakeness

I have a dream...
I dream of waking up in a fakeness-free world
no more lies
wanna speak freely about what's true
wanna hear people composing their own lyrics
hear them singing their own songs
hear you whispering yours in my ear
dance to it
merge our melodies
hold on to them
share a toast for real
mean every single word
keep dreams alive
reach them together

wanna feel everything for real
playful childhood smiles
clean colorful grounds to stand on
feel my feet on the wet sand
feel your warm hand
feel sunshine running through my veins
learn from the Earth's breath
wanna be proud of what we've done

wanna b e l i e v e

face life with eyes wide open
see your thoughts beyond the screen
trust your eyes
trust every word
every note
every move
understand your heartbeats
feel real magic
realize how love moves the threads
discard everything else

I imagine no need to imagine
wish reality beats fairytales
of a world even better than we ever dreamt of...



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Killing can be... fun!

Honestly hilarious, if talking about little fluffy rabbits killing themselves using the most creative methods you can imagine. You should take a look at these drawings just for fun (but, please DO NOT try this at home) :-P

...just wondering... is killing "trendy"? Are somehow killers considered "popular"? From Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper to Hannibal Lecter or Dexter, serial killers seem to have as many fans as detractors: F***ing scary!!!



Increíble pero cierto, doy fe de que queda público que aún desconoce el susodicho término, así que, vivamos un momento didáctico sobre esta especie: los Pagafantas.
¡Ay de tí si te has sentido identificado con el pagafantismo! Te animo a ver si algún post anterior te inspira un poquito... ya me contarás ;-)